About us

Boo Boo Ropa is a fun play on words from a Latina girls point of view.
My name is Camaille & I am a mother of 4.......House of Cards .....ummmm more like house of chaos is my show!
I have a daughter (Mia) & 3 boys (Dallas, Miles Robert & Joaquin).
To say that I love to shop, like most, is an understatement. The husband has failed multiple times with an intervention, & I think he's finally coming to terms.
I'm always on the lookout for something fun for my niños to strut in, & one day the idea of Boo Boo Ropa came to me. 
Boo Boo Ropa was born to give me a space to design & exercise my creativity while expressing the love in my family roots that I know many others have in common.
Boo Boo Ropa is a tribute to my father who was "Boo Boo" to my kids.  In 2010, he passed away quite suddenly. He was my best friend, my rock, & a huge inspiration to me (& many others).
Boo Boo is love, laughter, adventurous & storytelling but it is also whatever your heart makes it! It is also about making friends, and that is exactly how my father was. 
My father was a masterful storyteller becoming the cause of many belly laughs to old and new friends all while spreading love everywhere he traveled. All of those great things about him are the essence behind the meaning "Boo Boo."
So with the love, help, & many talents of my cousin Joshua, this is all coming to life.
From my heart to your family's heart.... I hope that Boo Boo Ropa finds a way into your family.
Get ready there is more to come!!!
Snap a pic with your ropa gear & make sure to tag us, we cant wait to see and meet you! #boobooropa